‘The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows them who trust in Him’ Nahum 1:7

The prayer on my heart as I write: ‘There are one and there are many’. Those going through a vale of mist and cloud, the shadows deepen! Susanna Wesley wrote: ‘He is so infinitely blessed that every perception of His blissful presence imparts a gladness of heart. Every approach to Him is, in the same proportion, a degree of happiness’. And so I ask you to ‘approach’ and prayerfully remember:

PASTOR FILIP FARAGAU, that the Lord will calm the storm raging just now and that Filip and his wife Violeta will feel the presence of the Lord standing close beside them with hands outstretched in love with assurance for the treatment to follow his recent surgery. His parents, Benny and Nora Faragau that they ALL as a family will know ‘The beloved of the Lord dwell in safety by Him and the Lord shall cover Him all the day long . . .’ Deut: 33. 12

DENISA is now back in Milano where vital tests will take place followed by six rounds of ‘Chemo’. It is hoped at this stage the transplant will be able to take place. Denisa faces a huge trial these next days, weeks and months; pray that she will know an inner peace and strength. The Lazau family wish to acknowledge the goodness of the Lord in His provision FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS from Mr Stephen Logan and his Mother and to Mr Stanley Abraham. The Lord is so faithful but then to whom else can we go? His mercy outshines the sun!

As an ordinary couple, our hearts continue to be ‘captured’ – we need to hear, to see and to know – and so we go on searching to find and to know His will in this extended Mission Trip. We view our responsibility with a determination of our personal obligation.

Emanuel University 25th Graduation – next weekend – always a memorable and blessed time as we see the years of work rewarded with many young students feeling the call and answering unreservedly.

Teaching on the Radio Voice of the Gospel, after graduation then the following weeks – preaching in Arad, Pecieu, Huseni, and Pusta Vale Baptist Churches then on to Satu Mare & Odoreu.

Home and Hospital visits are planned – it will also be great to spend time with the children from the two Art Therapy Classes in the Infant Hospital and Hospice Building – these little ‘darlings’ have known so much sadness and sorrow yet they smile so bravely and enjoy the times of ‘fun’.

The response for Child Life Romania is overwhelming – I now just stand back in awe and never cease to be amazed at ‘What A Mighty God We Serve’.

I will be home during July and August, possibly part of September (it is open ended), you know where I am – please contact me – love to share a cuppa together.

Yes, ‘There are one and there are many’ I am reminded of the hymn (one of Ken Maxwell’s favourites) – There were Ninety and Nine – written by Elizabeth Clephane – this hymn defines my heart. I conclude quoting the words of Christopher Wordsworth (Nephew of William Wordsworth):

Whatever Lord, We lend to Thee
Repaid a thousand fold will be
Then gladly will we give to Thee
Giver of All

Shirley, 23 May 2015