In the words of A.W. Tozer. ‘ No Christian is where he ought to be spiritually until the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ is being reproduced in daily Christian life’.

A portrait of grace, a masterpiece of beauty as portrayed by the skilful eye, the steady hand, the brush stroke of perfection – the Artist of creation whose Majesty and Glory surpass all other(s).

Tomorrow, Dr Moore and I leave until the last week of June. We look forward to Emanuel Graduation, Mission trips in Arad, Satu Mare & Odoreu, teaching in the School of Practical Theology, a featured series on Radio Voice of the Gospel and a special two-day school and a full Sunday in a 400 strong gypsy church with the ‘king’ of the Roma people (converted 8 years) near Peceiu. Yet, as we reflect on the year (now in eternity) the challenge, the opportunity we embrace the privilege and faithfulness of God.   We have seen fulfilled Matthew 6: 8 ‘For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him’. Each need placed on our hearts preceded by provision in His plan and purpose. The more we know the Lord, the more we love Him. Love strengthens our trust, our hope in Him. His gift(s) are so precious and beyond measure. Why so pensive ? I read in Psalm 68: 10 ‘ From your bounty, O God, you provided for the poor’.

Words are inadequate to express our thanks and gratitude to the army of men and women who stand ‘firmly’ beside us – our hearts beat as one, we work together ‘In Him’ and our bond of love ‘In Him’ is ongoing. The fountains of love flow spontaneously and are immeasurable, unfathomable and endless!

Our Heavenly Father knows our every thought and emotion and clearly sends His mercies far beyond our ability, in fact more that we can imagine. And so we count our blessings:   The painting donated by Brother Ross Wilson (now sold) – all proceeds to Emanuel Hospice / Sponsored Events – Sister Tracey Oliver and her son Travis – Child Life Romania / Sister Linda McFerran – Preventis Drug Addiction / Brothers and Sisters responding to the Hospice Feeding Programme / Millisle Baptist Church Sunday School in the process of filling Smartie Tubes for the Hospice Art Therapy Class for Bereaved Children / the endless team of ladies, sewing, knitting, crafting   / the churches and individuals, BWF working for Child Life Romania throughout Northern Ireland and Coventry. FIVE CONTAINERS NOW A SIXTH (planned for September) all made possible through the faithfulness of the Lord’s people in gifting and donation(s). These are the unsearchable riches of Christ, the song of heaven! Together, let us continue to show, speak of the ‘Good News’ to others!

THANK YOU for remembering Denisa; she is due to return from Italy tomorrow and I should receive a consultation report once staff from Emanuel Hospice Team have spoken with the family. The character of the Lord assures us He will never leave, forsake His own; He who numbers the hairs of our head, who feels each throb is tenderly holding the weakest Lamb always looking ‘Our Way’. God’s Unfailing Love: A Cherished Husband and Treasured Father – Mr. Robert James (Bob) Logan, called home five days after being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on 15th April, 1985. In conversation (early April) his son, Stephen and I chatted regarding Denisa, ‘Shirley, I will be remembering Denisa in prayer, please keep me updated’.   Yet we find, in sadness, there is joy!   Opening the shell to reveal a priceless coral of uplifting grace for each day. To mark the 30th Anniversary of a Darling Husband and Dear Father, Stephen and his Mother Betty, members of Millisle Baptist Church have forwarded a most generous and substantial amount to be taken to the Lazau family. Trials, Blessings, all ordained for a season and in their place! But what a legacy, what a hope!

We walk by faith – His presence, His grace will see us through! Shirley, 13 May, 2015.

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