4.30 a.m. (N.I. Time) – my thoughts turn to the Song of Solomon. ‘I will go my way to the mountain of Myrrh and to the hill of Frankincense’. The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains on the long route from Suceava to Oradea far exceeded my expectations, as I encountered beautiful hills and mature Magnolia trees in abundance. Another passage: ‘I have eaten my Honeycomb with my Honey’- the elderly sitting long hours outside their little dwellings under the shade of magnificent Forsythia, Lilac trees, hoping to sell (perhaps) one jar of ‘REAL’ Honey. ‘A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters and streams …..’ Finally, ‘Tell me, O you whom I love, where you feed…?’

Dr Moore’s pasture Monday – Wednesday on this occasion was in the village of Pecieu, where during his stay in the home of Pastor Calin Talos, (responsible for 9 churches to include 4 Roma communities) had the opportunity during the 3 night teaching of the Slavic Gospel Association School to speak on the cults to approximately 25 men who were so eager to learn. The question time after each session proved memorable – especially the questions from one brother named ‘Christmas’ – quite a common name in this region. Surname? I didn’t go there! Remus, King of the Roma Community in that area – 9 years a Christian – who was part of the group, invited my husband to visit his Roma village churches, one with 400 brothers and sisters seeking to serve the Lord. Another 3-day teaching trip being planned to preach and teach among them in June dv.

Our time apart was just that! No signal in the mountains = no mobile / texts. No internet access = no emails! To-day my first opportunity to be ‘on line’! I haven’t forgotten you!

My time of ‘aloneness’ proved special as many students made their way to room 205 (Tuesday, I counted thirteen) the fragrance of Tulips, Daffodils, Lilac filled our small room, given with so much love from these precious young lives with so much potential. It was great to chat with Sister Raelene regarding the Child Life Romania programme. My love and commitment to the terminally ill will always be the ‘Remains of My Day’. The children still enjoying the various Art Therapy Classes – do continue to remember baby Antonia and Denisa.

Friday came quickly and it was time for Dr. Moore to drive to Satu Mare for the opening service of the three day Mission. Odoreu is special and the bond of love evident – we are ‘At Home’ in His presence. I was aware my husband was clearly touched by ‘something’, ‘someone’ and so as we made our way back to the accommodation in Satu Mare we were to prove God had spoken to both of us individually, during the service – challenging us that the need is still great in this village and that WE must take up the gauntlet! How can we pray that those who come behind us will have found us to be faithful if we do not hear and answer! The small plaque on the wall indicating the involvement of TELL ROMANIA from the beginning was to be the ‘instrument / tool’ used to challenge my husband.

The torrential rain(s) this morning did not ‘dampen’ the enthusiasm of the brothers and sisters from the Odoreu Church. As we drove (slowly) through the mud tracks at 8 a.m. little ones, children, teenagers, adult, elderly – no umbrella and for some no coat, no socks – yet there they were making their way to what we thought to be a Men’s Bible Study! As they entered the church (dripping with rain) they smiled that broad Romanian and Hungarian smile and in their own language: ‘Sora Shirley, Showers of Blessing’. What does the hymn say? ‘O Teach Me What It Meaneth’!

The sisters (numerous in number) had been busy preparing boiled cabbage leaves, rice, minced spices and meat to serve Sarmali (stuffed cabbage leaves); the brothers had baked fresh bread outside in the oven they had build from breeze blocks with others fishing in a nearby river to catch the largest fish I have ever seen – according to Sister Claudia it weighed over 15 Kilos – that is huge!

The three hours of teaching passed quickly and it was time for lunch, They felt so privileged to serve Dr. Hamilton and Sora Shirley – little is much when God is in it! Jasmina, only 3 and absolutely gorgeous ran back home to change – this was such a special occasion for her she wanted to wear her party dress from Ireland, sent by an unknown source of blessing on the last container lorry! How can I say thanks?

I was amazed (to-day) at the lunch how every attention to detail to the point of perfection was in place. These brothers and sisters have proved their faithfulness, maturing in their growth and walk with God.

They were so proud to show us the small plots of ground they are preparing, to grow potatoes, onions, vegetables – these men struggle to feed their families – there is no work for them and so the Garbage Dump is their only source of income! These men would bake this amazing bread BUT have no money to buy the necessary ingredients : Flour, Yeast, Oil …! This project (if possible) would certainly make a difference to their existence.

Isa: 30: 23. ‘Then He will give the rain for your seed with which you sow the ground and the bread of the incense of the earth …..’

All the children from the village sang a special song – this had to be seen to be believed: By verse 2 the numbers had doubled – the church doors kept on opening with little ones running to the front to sing! But then if you sing, you receive a candy – better one sweet than going to bed hungry?

‘Cast you bread upon the waters …..’

There is still much to be accomplished next week in Emanuel re: teaching, encouraging at the Hospice Chapel, book publication etc., and various contacts in Oradea before returning to N.I. (not home) next week as Dr. Moore will be teaching Pastoral Care and Counselling in the Masters Programme in Irish Baptist College. BUT we are back with a Mission!

I wondered why there was no rush home again to-day or why EVERYONE (young and old) had come to the Men’s Bible Study? I studied the many faces of the young people – asking myself: What do they really have to return to? Light, Heat, Water, Food, Beds ??? Emanuel Church in Odoreu, officially opened in 2012 (one week before our wedding), has become a place of refuge, shelter where hope is offered to all. Yes, I am challenged (again) and I repeat ‘This Job I have been given …..’ The deadline is September – get on board!

We can do it and do it together: Child Life Romania / Hospice / Odoreu / Ichobed …..

From Romania I say : Multimim – we thank you.

02 May 2015

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