In the words of Elisabeth Elliot ‘This job has been given me to do, therefore, it is a gift, therefore, it is a privilege, therefore it is an offering I may make to God, therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s Way, in this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness’.

Suceava has proved to be days filled with momentous events, tremendous challenges and endless opportunities. Our choice, our desire remains unchanged – to give ourselves to a Christ Directed Service. Psalm 62: 5. ‘My soul wait silently for God alone…..’ We wait quietly trusting day by day.

It was great to spend these ten days with Pastor Catalin Croitor and his wife Paula – Catalin had a planned schedule and our days were filled ministering, commencing Saturday morning visiting various youth ministries etc. Sunday brought the opportunity to preach in two village churches, one a remote Roma village. Monday through Friday, amazing days of sharing with Pastors, Young Married Group, 500 High School Students, Men’s Bible Class – combining some home visits: Catella (77) living alone in a block of flats where she is the only tenant – her days are long and lonely ‘do you know an elderly person who needs looking after?’ she asked – her loving heart always thinking of others. A village, similar to Odoreu where we spent time with a sickly, single Mum with eleven children – existing – one room with only a bucket to fetch water and a stove to cook (when they can afford to eat)!

The week passed quickly and it was time for the Slavic Gospel Association to commence Friday evening – all day Saturday, some travelled 60 kms to attend. Tomorrow we minister in Betleehem Church, then another long drive of ten hours to Pecieu for Dr. Moore and Oradea for me. Dr. Moore will lecture in the second SGA School Monday through to Wednesday when hopefully we will meet on Thursday morning when we will then drive to Satu Mare for a three day Mission in Odereu – then back to Emanuel University for a few days before Irlande De Nord for a short five day trip home before returning again (via Spain, then on to Emanuel) until mid June.

My own days of opportunity highlighted the increasing awareness that I do have a job to do and that I must do it well. Anything I do, wouldn’t be, shouldn’t be, couldn’t be enough (thank you Bernie).

Iochebed Centre (advising against Abortion) where I met Gabi and Mihala, two sisters whose love goes beyond as they counsel, personally touch and answer very knock on their door to young girls from as young as thirteen. Distress, Fear is replaced with Hope and a Future. Their ministry of care, support extends to eight villages where cots, food, firewood, whatever is needed even to bricks they bring it! Their job is special! I saw the reality as three girls entered just as I was leaving. The girls showed me a picture taken during December in the snow – yes, the little ones were cute! But they had no socks or shoes?????????????

‘Lord, why? How? Can you eliminate my questions? Thoughts still revolving inside, I arrived back at the flat to find my husband had already left for another meeting as I sat alone reflecting, talking to the Lord and asking Him ‘ Lord, Show Me, Tell Me.’ I opened my Bible at 1 Peter 4: 10, 11: ‘ As each one has received a gift minister it one to another… if anyone ministers let him do it as with the ability which God supplies.’ Pastor David McFarland had shared this passage with me (by mobile telephone) as we were travelling to Belfast.  I called to mind the telephone call as I was boarding the coach for Dublin! Three hours later, my husband returned. ‘Shirley, would you like me to try to access your emails?’ Aware of the difficulties I doubted the success! Five emails were waiting – Hazel, Gillian, Jackie, Tracey, Margaret all regarding CHILD LIFE ROMANIA! Many Individual(s), BWF, Groups are collecting – I am so overwhelmed, so encouraged as I stand back in awe of this provision. ‘Thank You’ for staying close beside TELL ROMANIA – it is as it says: TELL R O M A N I A and so wherever, whatever God sends we will be ‘Good Stewards’ – we only want what God want us to have and for His glory! Our next container will leave during September – can you, will you help this project to offer hope, refuge to Child Life Romania, Iochebed, Hospice Children, Gypsy Children – there if food for all!

JOB 31: 16 -22. ‘If I have caused the eyes of the widow to fail …If I have seen anyone perish for lack of clothing …If I have raised my hand against the fatherless, when I saw I had help in the gate; then let my arm fall from my shoulder, let my arm be torn from the socket.’


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