CONFIRMATION AND CHALLENGES – Hamilton and Shirley share this update

Thursday 26th Feburary – Romania! Friday to Monday ministering in Cluj with my former Masters and PhD student Marius Sabou. God is doing great things through him and through the Church in Betel. It was great to preach again to the people there on Sunday morning, then to travel to Huedin (Gypsy town) in the afternoon and evening. Pastor Gigi Stir ( a member of Betel) took me to three ‘little’ houses – two of them about to fall in upon our heads as we held services and preached the Good News. The second – a family of 14 children and others who had gathered in. Such need in this town! We called with Brother Peter an elderly gentleman sitting alone in one room – yet how his face lit up when we shared the word and prayed with him. God was moving in the church that night as some we had visited came to listen. Oradea…next stop!

Surprising confirmations awaited! Without asking the need of a basic kitchen was met! Also for Shirley the confirmation of two new ministries – the Art Therapy Bereavement Class in the Hospice Building – so many little lambs who have just lost their Mum or Dad within weeks!   Also the great opportunity to be involved in Child Life Romania – a programme opening up in the Local Maternity Hospital in Oradea.

So we start to preach again – what opportunities there are in Romania. Preaching in Shalom, Golgota, Christag, Mierlau, Satu Mare and Odoreu (the last two with 22 students on their mission trip to sing and share the gospel). It was moving to see the people of Odoreu lining up to show us the shoes they were wearing – part of the 1300 pairs sent we out a few weeks earlier. Sharing God’s Word to the Hospice staff and on the radio, leaving messages centered on the cross and the resurrection to be broadcast this week. March 28th from Ballyclare store, a full load is given to another group for Suceava, Romania.

The few days at home during Easter have been exceptionally busy days. Thursday morning we leave again! Pray for us! Our schedule includes the following:

Thursday 16th April Flight Dublin to Bacau arriving into Suceava Friday to work with Pastor Catalin Croitor former Irish Baptist College Student who has planned a number of opportunities to assist him in his outreach.

Preaching to Groups and in various Churches – Saturday 18th – Sunday 26th.

Teaching in Slavic Gospel School Friday 24th – Saturday 25th.

Monday 27th leave for Oradea (Shirley for the classes in the Art Therapy and Child Life ministries) and myself for Slavic School in Piceau Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th.

Back to Oradea Thursday 30th and on to Satu Mare and Odoreu for more outreach in the Churches there – 1st May – 4th May.

Back to Emanuel for 2 days (Shirley in Children’s Ministries again) returning to NI for the masters teaching in the Irish Baptist College for Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th. Then looking ahead to a return for Graduation later in May to remain until Mid June.

Week commencing 1st June – Radio broadcasts on The Second Coming of Christ.

Sunday 7th June preaching in Arad and June 8th-10th teaching NT Theology, School of Practical Theology, Emanuel PRAY FOR US! Remember the printing of the Book on the Pastoral Epistles and translation costs.



‘He stilled the storm to a whisper … They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven’. Psalm 107: 29-30.

Passion, Compassion, Desire, Goals ……………. to name but a few! In my heart I question as all appears exceedingly above my capability. The emotion places a strain, a tiredness, a quietness of spirit – yet I am compelled by love and like Timothy, stir up my passion for God and his ‘Little Lambs’.   And so as I return I pray: ‘Lord, you have placed me, so let me shine, let me love, let me touch, let me grow in maturity showing your love through the simple everydayness of life in a world of emptiness and void’. I am only content in His Will because I know He will never ask beyond my limitation – my journey is navigated in waters of peace and contentment – I will (eventually) reach my desired haven!

Happy Birthday Sophia: Sophia is 5 on 26th April / Rebecca is 10 – these are the Grand Daughters of my friend Carol Williamson who is making beautiful Play Mat{s) / Duvet/ Snugs for Child Life Romania . Sophia and Rebecca donated some of their birthday gift money to purchase the carefully chosen material – they both deserve our BIRTHDAY WISHES! Well Done Girls! Your money has given warmth and love to another little one – abandoned but not bereaved of love – thanks to you both!



The Obstetrical & Gynaecological Hospital, Oradea, is often referred to simply as ‘The Maternity Hospital’. It was first built in 1890, remodelled during the past two years. The Maternity Hospital has 365 beds.

CHILD LIFE ROMANIA has submitted a project to the CEO of the Healthcare System of Oradea, Romania and is waiting for approval from Child Protective Services to offer a Certified Child Life Specialist to work in the Neonatal Unit of the Maternity Hospital. The Child Life Specialist will provide assessments of the development of each newborn, whether premature or full-term. We will also offer services to support a family centred care approach with Kangaroo care for premature babies, psychosocial support for parents and siblings of babies born with disabilities or other health issues and education and support to new parents, including a prevention programme for abandoned babies.

Child Life Romania has additional resources for families facing the death of their child at birth or soon after birth. There will be Bereavement Therapy for parents and siblings.

Child Life Romania is dedicated to helping families in their most difficult life experiences and has trained and Certified Specialists in Child Development, Psychosocial Services and Creative Art Therapies. We help families and their children (who are hospitalised, traumatised or who have a life-changing illness or disability).

We accept donations of NEW or GENTLY USED ITEMS. The following list includes items we will distribute weekly:

Baby Clothes (premature / newborn sizes) Mostly Sleep Suits

Baby Clothes (up to 9 months) for the Abandoned Baby Unit

Newborn Hats

Diapers / Nappies

Towel / Washcloth / Soft Sponge

Blankets / Crib Sheets

Baby Brush / Comb & Nail Clippers

Socks / Mittens (to prevent scratches on face)


Baby Sleep Sacks

Baby Feeding Bottles

Bibs / Burping Cloth

Infant Toys – (0 – 6 months only) *

Development Toys ( up to 36 months) *

Small Photograph Album

 Toys will be kept in Child Life Romania’s Storage for use in the Abandoned Baby Unit

 ANOTHER THOUGHT – HANDBAGS (no longer in use) can be filled with:

Towel / Wash Cloth / Soap / Shower Gel / Shampoo / Toothpaste / Toothbrush / Brush / Comb etc.


 This project will be taken to Romania on our next Container leaving DV mid September.

‘Rejoice always ….. In everything give thanks’ I Thess. 5: 16, 18