The Door

‘Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me…’ I Chron: 4:10.

Emanuel University Chapel is special, a time set aside for faculty and students to worship together and be challenged by God’s word.  The Guest Speaker on Wednesday spoke on the ‘Power of God’ – the One who can change our course and who specialises in the impossible.  These have been five amazing weeks! ‘The Moore’s’ – came prepared – plans, agenda in place.  We soon learned the ‘Power of God’ impacted our lives in such a way that it was clear our course was steered by Higher Hands!  Even though the Lord was dealing with our heart(s) individually – together we made a commitment, asking the Lord to set us apart in new ministries for the next five years.   To bless, to enlarge!   What have we to offer?  Little is much when God is in it!   In my heart I felt and looking back on all the fulfilled projects / five containers, know it has been a special time in the life of TellRomania.

My husband will continue to lecture, radio broadcast(s), travel throughout Romania on Mission Trip(s) / teach SGA Schools.  His publications will be ongoing.  I will continue to serve Emanuel Hospice Team in support and visiting patients. The Art Therapy Classes in the Infant Hospital and Hospice are touching many lives – babies, infants, children, parents, grandparents – love versus?  I stand in admiration of Estera, Daria, Sylvia & Christina who lovingly take time through the art of play and therapy to give of their love and time as God desires.  I am privileged to play a small role in raising the awareness of these works and to touch empty lives who walk the hospital corridors, their children, the little empty shells on the seashore of (perhaps) a ‘short’ life.   Being involved, telling them, showing them, they are loved, they are not alone. ‘Perfect love casteth out fear’ 1 John 4: 18.

The students of Emanuel and I share a special rapport.  At present ‘The Moore’s’ are trying to upgrade room 205 – hopefully when we return in April, they will be able to sample ‘Irish Apple Pie’   I will miss the ‘knocks’ at the door, chats in the library, (they remain in my heart).

A door is opening – a simple door, no maze or tunnel, just one step and we are through.  A sufficient door – ‘if any man …’ A single door – a door of reconciliation!  A door of God’s supply, going ‘in and out’ to ‘find pasture’. In every aspect of the everydayness of life we can minister – on the way or perhaps out of the way!

Last weekend – together with over 20 students we ministered in Satu Mare and Odoreu – 15 hours on the road – to see the joy as many rushed to the front to say ‘Multumesc’ for the shoes/boots they received and wore with such pride. It took ages for them to pass by – everyone wanted a picture with the ‘Prof’.  The remaining schedule – busy!  Final lectures, Easter radio broadcasts, preaching in village churches – children’s work(s) plus this week end in the University – as I write, 430 High School Students plus 30 Teachers/Pastors are descending (literally).  Mattresses, Suitcases in abundance – 280 students plus the 460 guests requiring Bed & Breakfast!  Life is interesting on Campus these days! Pastor Remus was in Oradea to-day. ‘Sister Shirley, any ‘Twinings’?  What do you think?  The work and people of Odoreu hold a special place in our hearts, we look forward in April/May (dv)  to our proposed three day Mission in the Gypsy Church after our Mission in Sucaeva and Teaching in SGA Schools before returning to Oradea.


 SHIRLEY: 26/03/15

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