Little Lambs

‘Spring, she has come, yes?’   I was amazed to find the tight green buds had burst overnight into an array of golden daffodils. ‘Beautiful’, I replied. I was glad of this distraction, reminding myself that everything in nature is beautiful (for a season) preceded by a time of preparation yielding provision and attaining perfection.

‘What times I am afraid, I will trust in You’. I am not gifted, achievement(s)? Just driven to walk His footsteps in this pathway of service and one that I personally find difficult. Many visits, opportunities (this week) I need to embrace the responsibility of sharing that the end is not the end but only the beginning.

Jonut, Calin, Cristian, Andrei, Ana Maria and little Marian – the children of Mia, who is now at home with the Lord. Daria and I had a special time with the children as they shared their ‘Family Album’ – the little one smiling as he said ‘ Mummy’. One cannot help but see, sense, the sadness, the emptiness, yet they smile so bravely, asking you: ‘When you come back in April, please come again, you are welcome’.   Brother Florin – an amazing story of grace – as he now waits to face his fourth surgery related to his terminal illness. My time with this family was precious. I am always asked ‘Where is your husband?’ They listen with interest as I share the everydayness of life back home, assuring them of our love and passion for this, their land, the land of Romania. Sister Magdelina, living alone and unable to leave her flat is to be my next port of call.

Estera and I also made ‘visits’ and off we went! I noticed the beautiful white fleecy lamb on her windscreen. ‘Shirley, you remember little Beni?’ I could never forget him – I can still hear him repeat his memory verse at the Hospice Christmas Celebration – he was called home on 28th December 2014. Yet, even at 9 years of age, he asked if he could be baptised before he met Jesus! He gave his little lamb to Esteria. ‘Please remember me’! We had arrived at Oradea Hospital and made our way to the Haematology Ward where I met Denisa a 22year old (Medical Student) suffering from Leukaemia. We chatted and I learned of her plans and ambitions for the future, as she talked, I noticed the sadness portrayed through the eyes of her loving Mother – her Yew Lamb was very sick. Galatians 5: 22-23 came to mind: ‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness ……’ Please take a moment to whisper their name(s) in prayer.

Not only did my head ache but my heart ached – emotionally drained after days of pain and sadness, where devastating news changes and shatters lives forever. I ask you to remember Sister Marinela Murg, Director. Emanuel Hospice, provide (free of charge) palliative care services at home for the dying in their community. Through their dedication, devotion and calling they were able to make a difference in the lives of 285 adult patients and 42 children during 2014. Please pray the Lord will enable this work to again reach and touch many lives during 2015 to share God’s love and compassion to the patients God will entrust into their care. – The cost of discipleship! Questions, so many questions. Am I connected enough to make a difference? Am I prepared to ‘Go the Distance?’

As I meet with the various staff in the Hospice, they have shared how they (personally) have been encouraged to keep on casting their bread upon the waters through my husband’s weekly messages at their prayer time.

Yesterday, the children of the Art Therapy Class in the Municipal Hospital painted a beautiful Irish Shamrock with a message reading: ‘Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Mrs Shirley’ all their little names recorded on the back! Will thank them personally next Tuesday. We can touch lives in all manner of ways – I am getting there, they know I love them – and I do! Yes, (for me) it hard to serve in this area of sensitivity – yet ‘His’ presence is so real as I listen, share or play – all different – yet all filled with the emptiness circumstances of change have brought and for many brought prematurely.

Joshua, Dragos, David, Julia, again some of the names so precious to my heart in another Art Therapy Class for the bereaved children held today, Thursday. We made four different Caterpillars – one Happy, one Sad, one Fearful, One Angry – through this form of therapy the children can vent their feelings within. Followed by Medical or Hospital Therapy when each child received a Rag Doll – Daria asked each one to paint a face on their individual doll. I found this most informative as I quietly watched (from afar) their reaction.

On arriving home at room 205 – an email was waiting to confirm that Mr. Paul Russell (RVH/Jubilee Maternity Hospital had donated 6 Basin-ettes and Consumables to the new project Child Life Romania. ‘Before You Call’ … We have shared with Sister Raelene this morning and she is amazed and encouraged through this provision. As I write, an army of Students (led by ‘The Professor’) are placing the many boxes sent previously by Paul – yet we were unaware of our involvement in this particular area. And so we rest in His plan and purpose knowing that all the projects were answered last year and trust for the days ahead as new doors of opportunity open before us.

Container Number 5 finally reached its destination, the contents of which were to facilitate eight outlets – Dr. Moore was so grateful to Pastor Filip Faragu for his time and patience in leading the team at Cluj.

Dr. Moore continues to lecture, preach, record Easter Messages on Radio Voice of the Gospel and send various sermons to Pastor David McFarland to place on ‘Tell Out The Truth’ (Web Page). This week-end we head to Satu Mare and Odoreu for a Mission Trip (leaving 5am your time). The book on the Pastoral Epistles is submitted, we need to prayerfully consider translation into Romanian and Hungarian languages. Book number two already in process – Galatians.

Four weeks? 11 Days remaining in this Mission Trip. Pray we will be effective, obedient Servants ‘Unto Him’.

These have been days of discovery, waiting before the Lord, seeing His plan unfold in many miraculous ways – ways we never imagined! We will be home for a few days at Easter then back again to our second home? Perhaps first home?


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