Ruth 2: 12 ‘The Lord repay your work, and a full reward be given you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge’.

What has changed in this heart of mine since our last update? Does my life have meaning? Do I convey the love and compassion of ‘Everlasting Arms of Love’ in a hurting and senseless world? ‘Love so amazing, so divine…..

I keep repeating silently within, ‘Lord, please grant me the strength to serve, to love wherever I am placed, to be a more compassionate person for you to use as I speak, pray with my brothers and sisters and little jewels.

Marinela and I had a long chat yesterday, the Emanuel Hospice Home Care Team are special people, vessels of mercy who through the Medical, Social and Psychology services care and share the good news of the gospel. These are professional people, who could earn three times their current salary – yet choose to serve within Emanuel Hospice and serve sacrificially of remuneration and time. 100 patients receive treatment – many die whilst on the waiting list. Treatment is administered, food and hygiene bags are also distributed. Sometimes if there are sufficient funds, wood can be purchased to ensure they are warm throughout the cold Romanian winters.

Yet as I went with Estera yesterday to visit my friend Elizabeth, the greeting, the tears, the smile on her face said it all: ‘Where is he, where is he?’ Of course she was referring to ‘The Prof’ as he is lovingly called here.   ‘He is in meetings but will come next time, I promise’. I was then given the most beautiful beaker with her picture embossed on the front with a verse on the back: Prov 15: 30. ‘The light of the eyes rejoices the heart’. My hands tightly entwined with hers – ‘you light up my day, thank you for coming again and again – you don’t forget me’. Forget! How can I? She is loved, she is precious. These people know how to love, every day I find a plant, a flower, chocolates at my door. I did revert to tears when I found a note from one of the cleaning staff, Mariana, who had taken the time to ask (perhaps a student) to write (in English) and I quote: Dear Mrs Moore, I wish that you will have a blessed Springtime in the presence of the Lord. May God Bless You, I love you, Mariana x   LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE.

Silvia Csaki became known to Dr. Moore and I during our Summer visit in 2013, when she and her sister Christina gave their time to take my husband and I on a walking sight seeing tour of the Old City in Oradea – they are two very special young ladies. Silvia called at room 205 this morning telling me her internship for Child Life in Forth Worth, Texas was completed in 2013 and hopes to finish her Masters degree in May of this year.

Silvia will be a Child Life Specialist – presently she visits the local Infant Maternity Hospital on a weekly basis holding Art Therapy Classes with the hospitalised children which takes the form of a Group Therapy Class – I can’t wait to go with her on Tuesday as the ages range from 1 – 14 (guess who will have a 1 year old in her arms)???????????????

For the infants who are too sick to attend or who are attached by IV to various treatments – Silvia goes from room to room sharing play time but more importantly trying through the art of play to remove the fear of treatments. Nowhere is love more richly illustrated than in the life-story of Yahweh for Israel.  LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE.

It was our joy to minister in the village church of Mierlau on Sunday then sharing afterward with Pastor Elijah Soritau and his wife Raelene. God’s plan, provision, never ceases to amaze me – and why? Two words from the piece ‘Resting’ recently released by the New Irish Ochestra and Choir CD have been driving me forward into a more intimate relationship with the Lord: Purpose and Confidence. And so with purpose I felt myself drawn to extend my service to hospitalised terminally ill infants – yet quietly kept this in my heart. During our conversation, Sister Raelene shared with me and my heart leapt – purpose, confidence filled my heart. Child Life Romania has submitted a project to the CEO of the Healthcare System of Oradea, Romania and is waiting for approval from Child Protective Services to offer a certified Child Life Specialist to work in the Neonatal Unit of the Maternity Hospital. The Child Life Specialist will provide assessments of the development of each newborn, whether premature or full-term. Also offer services to support a family-centred care approach with kangaroo care for premature babies, phychosocial support for parents and siblings of babies born with disabilities or other health issues, and education & support of new parents, including a prevention program for abandonment of babies. Child Life Romania has additional resources for families that face the death of their child at birth or soon after birth. There will be bereavement therapy for parents and siblings. They are dedicated to helping families in their most difficult life experiences and has Trained and Certified Specialists in child development, psychosocial services and creative art therapies. They help families and their children who are hospitalised, traumatized, or have a life-changing illness or disability.

We need new or gently used items to include: Baby Clothes (premature/new born – mostly pyjamas / Baby Clothes (9 Mths) Abandoned Baby Unit / Blankets / Diapers / Pampers / Newborn Hats, Socks, Mittens / Baby Bottles / Wash Clothes / Towels / Baby Brush & Comb / Nail Clippers / Baby Sleep Sacks / Bibs / Burping Cloths / Changing Pads / Crib Sheets /Development Toys up to 36 months to be kept in Abandoned Baby Unit

Sister Carol Williamson, The Vineyard, Coleraine made the most beautiful Playmat, Duvets – words could not describe their beauty – the time, patience and loving care with which they were made so evident – Carol, it will be my privilege to place the first toddler on your playmat – Thank You.

Dr. Moore is booked solid until the end of the month in preaching in Village Churches, Mission Trips, Lecturing plus the added responsibility of recordings for Easter. I am delighted to report the publication of the Pastoral Epistles has now been forwarded for printing – Emanuel University hope to present each student graduating in May with a signed copy.

Would I ever have thought I would be in Romania two years ago? God’s Plan was still in process – some of the pieces still missing! Who am I, what am I? Yet I know – I am called FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS .

The Update next week will be dedicated to the families I have had the privilege to visit.


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