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When I think about the span of eternity, this life is but a moment in time. The news from Romania (this morning) another soldier had gone home to glory.   Pastor Filip Faragau had been called home, his work of thirty eight years was finished, his pilgrimage here on earth had reached completion.

There are many tender ministries of the Lord in our lives, but it is in the time of loss we discover the deepest meaning of His tenderness. He is the Father of mercy and the God of all comfort. (II Cor. 1: 3). Filip’s trial is over and he stands in faiths reward, his partial knowledge is over; he now knows as he is known and his legacy lives on with the memory of his service.

Filip endeared himself to my husband during his first visit in the nineties on the occasion of supervising his father’s PhD (Pastor Beni Faragau, Iris Baptist Church, Cluj). Filip followed in his father’s footsteps travelling to the Irish Baptist College where he completed his Masters.

How do I remember Filip? A gentle, patient, quiet young man, so zealous for His Master, always going about doing good, demonstrating in his everyday actions, the character and nature of the Lord he loved and served. To his beloved and treasured wife Violeta whose love and care go beyond words throughout these months of illness, know we are not far from home, a moment will bring us there, never more to be parted.

TELL ROMANIA pay tribute to his involvement in the transport, storage and distribution of medical equipment and humanitarian goods. Filip undertook to liaise with the hospital management as to their urgent requirements. He was a well known and respected young man in many churches throughout Northern Ireland and the Irish Baptist College and assisted Slavic Gospel Association in their teaching programmes in Romania. He played a dual role in Pastoral duties in Iris Baptist Church and assisted in the publication of his father’s commentaries.

Words could never define the life and testimony of a chosen vessel, created and formed for a purpose.   Filip is finally home, but to those who remain – hush all fears, death, how brief, eternity, how long.   Immortality, endless.

Filip, I am richer in knowing you , ‘In all your ways and all your means, you lived displaying that you had been with Jesus’. Let us reflect this mirror image of one who submitted his life to serve.

Shirley 04 August 2016

TELLROMANIA – Dr. H. Moore (Founder) Mr D. Morton, Mr. F. Smyth (Directors)

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