Denisa has been close within my heart especially Thursday and Friday. This morning (Saturday) I was filled with a longing to hear from Italy or Oradea.

Our Heavenly Father knows our innermost thoughts, in seasons of severe trial, we need at times to run into His arms where we are safe and secure, clasped tightly within, for it is in these times we learn more of our Lord than at any other time. Denisa is the one gift given to her Mother, Lillianna. This one year in Italy has been a year where they (as a family) have proved the faithfulness of God. I am thankful for His many precious gifts, friendship, family, health, His faithfulness comes wrapped in love, a love we should always be willing to share with others.

As our normal routine each morning my husband and I were in the study, Dr. Moore in final preparation for tomorrow in Glenarm B.C., I was writing to Ligia, (one of my Beauty of Holiness Girls), who just obtained a mark of 9.5 out of 10 in Romania for her thesis. How blessed am I to have the privilege in sharing with those I love and call ‘My Girls’. My desire, my prayer for all of ‘My Girls’ is that they will come to know and understand just how much they are loved by the Lord, by me and by you and that His plan and purpose is always perfect.


Now, a little surprise for you as was for me! I have no results as yet but I am sure you will agree Denisa looks beautiful with her special celebration cake – 1 year in Italy. She smiles expressing her love and thanks.


In the words of the Hymn writer: ‘We Rest On Thee’.

God’s Will, will uphold us through all our trials.

Shirley – Saturday, 09 July, 2016.

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