The loneliness of a hurting heart

Turning the key in the door, no familiar ‘Hello’ could be heard, instead quietness.   The only sound I heard was that of the clock in the entrance hall striking 1 pm.   Yes 42 B will be a lonely place for the next ten days.  As my husband turned and waved ‘Goodbye’ entering Belfast International Airport, emotion filled my heart; again I cannot go to the land I love, again I am alone.   Enough Shirley, a hot cup of coffee perhaps?
P1010886As I sipped my coffee, I began to count my blessings. God’s provision for us as a couple, the blessings we can find by being involved in human relationships, young or old.  Friendship; Kindness; Serving in love ….. My thoughts turned to Da Da, so young yet longing for someone just to listen.  A quiet and timid little girl who has encountered so much ‘silent suffering’ in her five years, she is very sick. Andrada was diagnosed with leukaemia at an early age and recently underwent a bone marrow transplant – she has relapsed and is back in Timisoara where they hope to repeat the procedure with her mother being the donor – the comparability is only 50%.  We all like to be comforted when alone or just to be understood, so what can I give to this little darling whose smile still lives in my heart as we played last summer with play doh. I can give my heart in prayer, comfort and in faith that He who said ‘Suffer the little ones to come … will come beside Da Da and hold her hand during these next frightening days in the life of a five year old.
IMG_9167Kevin has now commenced his three months of preparation for the first of many surgeries to correct his twisted legs and feet. He too has an amazing smile and sent a picture to the lady in Ireland proudly displaying both legs in plaster cast, complete with air planes, trains, cars drawn on them.  A nine year old boy who has known nothing only one terminal illness after another, yet he continues to smile.  Can we walk together, committing ourselves in prayer for these two little ones?
Emanuel Hospice Summer Camp commences on Monday. Estera is planning to call with Dr. Moore before leaving for the mountains.  Many children will attend, excited as they arrive in a bus!  A first for many.  The children are comprised of sick children, their siblings, children who have a parent or brother/sister with advanced cancer.  The loneliness of many hurting hearts, please pray each child will feel special and feel the love and compassion of this amazing team.  Tell Romania are privileged to walk beside the work of Emanuel Hospice and Casa Grace ministries.  We are one ‘In Him’.
The lives we touch know only sadness, their days are filled with doubt, fear.  Their hearts are longing for love, interludes of assurance. Love has a tremendous drawing power, it attracts people your way.  Let us love with all of our heart entrusting ‘ALL’ into His care and keeping.
I leave you this thought from Elisabeth Elliott : ‘If all struggles and sufferings were eliminated, the spirit would no more reach maturity than would the child’.    
Shirley, 21 July, 2018 
A Personal Request:
Please remember my husband on this extensive mission trip.   He has heard the call and is endeavouring to go in His name knowing that there is a simplicity in God’s  plan.   We both hold fast to God’s promise for the various works in Romania, Budapest, Bucharest, Moldova …..
As a wife, I pray these days will be special days of illumination and challenge, knowing that the One who calls us – remembers us.