The uncertainty of each second.

My Romanian friend Estera and I share a wonderful bond.  We are One in our love for ‘These My Little Ones.’ Our visits are special; we laugh together and we cry together. Our hearts hurt at times and today is one of those days. I have just received the most dreadful news.

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Estera organised the Emanuel Hospice Summer Camp – the current group were children who are very sick or who have gone through personal grief or who have parents or siblings who are terminally ill.   Four sisters from the Toma family, who are part of my Feeding Programme, enjoyed this past week in the mountains and were returning home last evening.
Everyone arrived safely in Oradea and the sisters were eagerly walking to the bus station longing to see their brother who had been hit by a car last year. Since then he has remained in a coma at home. No hospital care for him!
Suddenly out of nowhere a driver came up on the sidewalk at full speed and hit all four girls.  Full details are still not available but one girl is in intensive care in a hospital in Oradea and another girl is in intensive care in a hospital in Timisoara, a hundred miles away. A third sister, an eleven-year-old, has had her leg amputated and will be hospitalised for approximately one month.
There are no words, the needs are endless.  We cannot comprehend the reason why but we place our tears, our hurting heart with the One who knows the end from the beginning.
I love these children; I love the family God has so gracious given to me.  Please join with me in prayer, holding these precious little darlings in your hearts.  They are already in the hollow of His hand.

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