Trip postponed

Hamilton and Shirley were due to travel to Romania tomorrow 10th March. But they have been advised to postpone their trip. One of Shirley’s friends most anxious to see her writes today, “But I think it is wise that you took this decision as the virus is spreading really fast.” 

Romania has just decided “to close all the schools in the country for a week starting Wednesday March 11, amid the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country. The decision could be prolonged based on the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak”. And extensive restrictions have been imposed on flights and checks on all land borders.

Please pray for all Hamilton’s and Shirley’s friends in Romania as they seek to serve the Lord in such challenging situations. And please pray for Shirley’s patients and children as they are all very vulnerable and many may succumb easily to this virus especially in the villages where she and her colleagues serve the terminally ill. Shirley is heartbroken for them and longs to be with them but wisdom has had ro prevail.

Let us all call upon God, who is sovereign over all things to be merciful and pray that we might see His Name magnified in this dark hour. 

by David on behalf of Hamilton and Shirley

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