Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.
(Helen Keller)

Another day, however no day is ordinary in the Moore household but today tiny nodding white flowers caused me to think on the differing seasons of life. Seasons teach many lessons regardless of age. ‘Hamilton, come and see’, I called. We both smiled as we encountered the first flower of the year, the snowdrop, which is the symbol of hope. Hope that perhaps the harsh winter will soon be over.  I find myself waiting for the differing seasons displaying the pure and delicate freesia, the aroma almost indescribable, symbolising friendship; the elegant gladioli, symbolising strength; or the rose, symbolising humility, displayed in regal splendour, all blooming for a time, purpose and season. I wonder what season we find ourselves in today?   

The year two thousand and twenty will bring seasons of Separation; Trust; Courage; Faithfulness; Devotion; Love.  What of my own season?  It must be a season of purpose, serving with devotion and love. Whatever time remaining, I need to make time count, remembering that Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. BUT love never fails.   

What would I do if?  Question after question floods my mind but one thing I can do, ‘I can go’.  No beautiful flowers or inviting sidewalks grace the dirt roads of poverty, only crushed flowers and withered leaves pave the road.  Recently, watching a programme based on Romania, I felt tears streaming down my face as a remark was made by the commentator concerning a gypsy man driving his horse and cart ‘Romania’s Steptoe and Son’.  These are my people; this is my home. The trees may be dormant, no beauty in their garden, yet the fragrance of this barren land is filled with richness to me.

Our terminally ill patients hold tightly to fine threads of faith: Gyongy (48) mostly alone in her apartment, now unable to walk due to bone metastasis, her right leg was swollen and full of infection, a metal rod had to be inserted in the upper part of her leg, her days are days of constant pain.  Pray for the Hospice team as they share the gospel, that she may come to know the Lord.  Daniela (50) a large tumour extended over her body covering a large area, suffers extreme pain which cannot be controlled by medication. A course of Chemotherapy has been administered with little effect as the tumour cannot be removed by surgery.

My little friend Bianca is very poorly, (Renal Cancer) she is extremely weak and her weight is plummeting.  Mihalia, her mother has no home and cares for her three young daughters in the corner of one room in her mother’s village home, a gypsy village far from Oradea.  Our situations of life differ, we mostly receive what we desire; rarely do we hear or know the word ‘denial’. Not so for many of my friends in these empty fields.  A tiny boy, cancer ripping through his little body, the eyes of his mother watching and caring with love.  Rubber tubes were the only available means of food entering his stomach.  The cries were heart breaking.  

The ampules of Hyoscine (Butilscopulamine) were finished, dying patients suffering secretions, a season of urgent need.   Who do I consult?  Where do I go?  How can I finance?  The Lord touched the hearts of Agape Church, Belfast.  Silicone Tubes, Ampules purchased and they are now in Romania.  Firstly ask; Secondly act.  God completes the work.  This morning my local pharmacy donated items that were ‘Handfuls on Purpose’ for the Hospice Team.  What can we do today to demonstrate our hearts of love?  Who needs our help, our care, our prayers?  Even One!

During a recent PowerPoint presentation, the pangs of loss filled my heart as I spoke of the children I had loved and lost; the heartache of mothers, fathers, overwhelmed me.  A picture of Damian appeared and it hurt deep inside.  Damian’s mother is in the depths of grief. Estera and I will visit this precious family as a first priority.  I have never known motherhood but I love ‘My Children’ and want to weave a tapestry of hope as those hurting hearts try to collect the remaining threads of life.  A mother’s calling is a high calling of love and sacrifice; please pray for Damian’s family – they need our prayers.

Recently I shared the story of young Alex who is only one of many severely mentally and physically disabled teenagers in Romania.  Many autistic children with mental retardation, displaying aggressive behaviours, yet when offered one of our ‘treats’ we supply monthly, they melt like candle wax and behave, knowing they will receive a reward of one single sweet. Today I received a donation of ten cartons of Haribo from the Henderson Group.  The flower of giving. 

Kingdom Kids receive therapy from my friend Dora who has been nominated by the Director of Child Protection for the award of the most active volunteer of the year.  The flower of blessing is mine on this occasion to serve alongside Dora who knows each Orphan, Down Syndrome, Disabled Child and Abandoned Baby by name.  Her therapy sessions are filled with kindness and we thank all our supporters for their prayers, in comparison to other children in Romania, our children remained well and free from fever or infection.  I will accompany Dora to a new orphanage during March and April, I wonder what flowers will be in my bouquet?  Perhaps a tiny blue flower ‘Forget Me Not’ will confirm my roots need to go deeper?

 One family in desperate poverty is composed of a mother and seven children.  Her husband died from cancer five years ago. Shortly after his death, their small village home accidently burned to the ground. With help from others they have been able to purchase a derelict gypsy home.  This precious mother holds seven flowers in her hand. She has no money for repairs, their income is £26 per person per month.

Night To Shine, an organisation based in Oradea, arranged a special event together with an Evangelical Church for special people.  Eighty-five chosen people attended and My Dora was guest of honour. John, her father proudly pushed a shy Dora through the centre isle to a receptive crowd of people.  Dora was so happy but still wanted to know if Sister Shirley remembers it is her birthday in March. What do you think? 

Bread for the Hungry was delivered this week.   I am deeply moved by the bakery donating this provision during 2020.  Many nights, unable to sleep, I see the children, the elderly searching through the rubbish bins.  The pangs of hunger increase, I am thankful the flower of faith will never wither. 

Georgina (16) was raised in an orphanage.  She met a young boy who took her home to his Mother’s home where they shared one room as a couple, resulting in the young teenager becoming pregnant.  Last November the boy went to work abroad. Georgina has had no contact with him and is now homeless.  It would appear he has no plans to return home to his village in Suceava.  A baby girl was born to Georgina during December. She came to Iochebed, desperate and alone, requesting help as she does not want to leave her baby in an orphanage.  We have agreed to support Georgina and her baby with dried milk, clothes, pampers and wood to keep warm in this freezing winter.  The flower of kindness.

Planting is believing, proceeded by days of preparation, cultivation and then expectancy.  My garden is filled with flowers, giving pleasure as I trace God’s promises.  I ask no questions, I need no explanations, the flowers of gentleness are my peace.  This mission trip is one of the longest as a couple, Hamilton and I plan to be in Romania, not returning until perhaps early May.   

Small seeds already planted are growing – all that is needed for Emanuel Hospice, Casa Grace, Iochebed, Kingdom Kids, Feeding Programmes, the flowers of faith have provided.  My garden is filled with quiet flowers; ladies whose spades dig deep.  I go, prepared to plant thanks to the seeds of love sown by many brothers and sisters who have provided all that is needed.  I have never known such blessing and know the seed of thankfulness has taken root in my heart.

The land is ready for planting. Pray as we leave within days; pray the Lord will go before us and we will be a blessing as we hold in our hand the key that will open new doors.   

All the way my Saviour leads me

Cheers each winding path I tread;
Gives me grace for every trial,
Feeds me with the living Bread.
Though my weary steps may falter,
And my soul athirst may be,
Gushing from the Rock before me,
Lo! A spring of joy I see;