Update on Shirley

I am replying on Shirley’s behalf. We both appreciate the many messages we have received in response to the news of what has happened as far as Shirley’s heath is concerned. It is very moving to see the love and concern for us.

I just came back from Romania on Saturday night. It was good to fulfil the ministry Shirley would have carried out if she had been able to be there. All the donated items (frozen bags, patchwork dolls, knitted hats and little puddings with a chocolate in them, the special gifts etc.) all have reached their destinations and are in the hands of Shirley’s friends in Casa Grace and Hospice Care team. I was able to visit on her behalf some families who lost loved ones recently and bring to them the comfort of God’s word and the hope of the gospel, take the money designated to particular families in need, plus record for Christmas on Radio Voice of the Gospel and share about the book on the Pastoral Epistles just translated into Romanian.

Regarding Shirley, she has been waiting in the Ulster Hospital until she could be transferred by ambulance to the Royal for her Angioplasty. The good news is that she is going across in the morning at 8am dv. Just pray for her and for the recovery period over the next weeks.

God bless you – He is Emanuel God with us!


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