Urgent request:

Please pray for Shirley today. She is in the Royal Victoria Hospital and due to face her catheterisation soon. But please pray earnestly. She and Hamilton have been told that this is much more serious and complicated than first thought and will take much longer with two surgeons “operating.”
Today is a critical day for Shirley and for Hamilton and they need our prayers that the Lord might grant a successful outcome.  They rest in Him but know that the coming hours are filled with uncertainty. The Lord knows the way ahead for them and His presence will be with them. May His mighty healing touch be upon Shirley/
I am very grateful to all who have sent messages through me. david@2hearts.org    I will share them all at an appropriate moment. But they are getting inundated with text messages and feel the pressure to respond. Please, please can I ask you to give them  both some space. They appreciate every one but the next day or two will be overwhelming enough without the pressure of feeling the need to reply individually. I promise I will keep you updated.  Thanks for understanding.
God bless you for walking the dark valley with them.