Wake up call booked!

Wake Up Call booked! 4.30 a.m. – a rather ‘wet’ morning – however onward and upward – Taxis, Trains, Aeroplanes ahead!     Great, on board at last, my husband already engaged in his sermons, lecture notes, I decided to browse through a book based on ‘Historical Insight’ John Wesley’s Rule of Life (I quote):


Timing: Places: People! Each line containing two operative words ‘YOU CAN’. Just prior to leaving for our mission trip, I became aware of my own inadequacy and purely driven only to succeed, I was trying to do, I was trying, I was hoping, until I realised and questioned – ‘Why am I trying to do what God CAN DO’?

There are qualities of the highest standard, skilled workmanship, but how, when and where we make a difference or become an added benefit, or an advantage, rests in the hands of God alone!

How time does fly when one’s brain is in gear, but then we were ‘flying’ with the captain announcing a safe and speedy journey had been completed. Cluj in Romania was ‘hot’ and it was good to walk on solid ground.

Soon ‘The Professor’ was spotted by Dr. Marius Sabou – ‘Welcome Home, Dr. Moore. We wait for you and love you.’ Yes, he is loved in this the land of his adoption and where I (as a wife) become aware of that ‘inner peace’ acknowledging ‘He is Home’ and wait for the sigh of relief (after a long journey), ‘It’s good to be back’!  Why? The heartbeat, prayer of my husband can be summed up in the words of Susanna Wesley ‘In approaching this uninterrupted part of my time to Thy self, may these sacred moments ever be employed in Thy Service, may no vain, unnecessary or unprofitable thoughts or discourse ever rob you of your due honour’.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday in Cluj – filled with preaching engagements, interviews and appointments. Summation! The work is still in progress; Tell Romania has received ‘divine orders’ to keep marching – new walls to build, old walls requiring firmer foundation(s), we are an army on the move !

‘The Professor’ always one step ahead came armed with a DVD presentation of all the equipment the Lord had provided for the new Christian Centre in Racatu – the bond of friendship so strong, so evident between Marius and my husband spoke volumes! As we sat together, I only wish I could have filmed the reaction as the DVD played. WOW!!!!!!!     I cannot believe this! Now we can make plans for summer camp next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During our journey from Cluj to Oradea Pastor Marius shared the delight of his staff and excitement of his people – updates will be forthcoming – watch this space! We will be posting a video presentation of the Racatu Christian Centre with aerial views – stunning!

Late Monday, we arrived in Emanuel University, since 5 a.m. (your time) this morning, Tuesday, Dr. Moore has been lecturing the undergraduate students extending to the graduate masters’ students this evening. The Masters Programme is so important to my husband as these young students are the church of tomorrow and so they come to learn yet they have become part of our extended family. They are loved and precious, each an individual with his own personality and priority. Tomorrow and the following day, timetable repeated – then we prepare to fly home on Friday. My husband and I specifically planned a heavy schedule as we needed to be here firstly to preach, lecture in the Masters Programme, meet with pastors, leaders of the various projects in hand in order to enable our plans re: preparation/booking/number of containers to proceed.

It felt good to chat with Pastor Alin Farr, Sanmartin – the Baptist Church linked to the Orphan Village of Felix – we could tell from the reaction of Brother Mihai there is an air of excitement mingled with a humble and thankful spirit as to what the Lord has done! The Dentist Surgery will be totally refurbished and filled with instruments, consumables ‘All I Have Needed Thy Hand Hath Provided’. Tribute must be conveyed to Sinead Fox SOD who through her love and interest showed ‘She Cared’.

Only this morning two contacts from back home were received by email and mobile – yes, offering further equipment and humanitarian aid – ‘God is moving by His spirit, moving in all the earth, signs and wonders when God moveth, move O Lord in me’.  

Signs and wonders have preceded all the happenings this week-end – we are ‘In The Way’ – everywhere we went, everyone to whom we spoke – ALL of the same mind, same heart! The Lord had directed to the very corner of the need in the ‘sermons’ delivered – all stones fitly framed together as ONE only with ONE chief cornerstone – The Lord Jesus.

One sense of sadness tinged my week-end as I learned of a village of 3,000 gypsy people who live on the outskirts of Cluj in the mountain area – they have no identity, have never been registered as part of society – the elderly die, the young give birth, A L O N E. They are an unknown people, a people without city, without walls, – yet these people matter to God and so they should matter to us. Betel Baptist Church, Cluj have shown the Love of Christ in practical provision of food, clothing, medical aid, pray they will be a blessing that their love and input will create a trust, a hunger to know more. I refer to one of my devotional readings these past few days: ‘For He will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence for precious is their blood in His sight’ Psalm 72: 12-14.

‘Are you still here’? was to be heard – my husband (was on a 10 minute break) it does take a ‘few’ minutes to walk down the many steps from the top level. However, I was ‘at the ready’ with a ‘cuppa’ and some beautiful black grapes – a gift from Simona, Secretary to Dr Paul Negru – so large they would be classed as Plums back home. We chatted about the students, classes, then as I walked my husband back to class, I expressed again my amazement as to how the Lord was ahead of every situation and everything we had encountered. New opportunities, new needs – but then there is need everywhere you go in this land engraved on our hearts.

I was totally unaware Pamela and her team of ladies (Ballycrochan B.C.) had already Neck Warmers ready to GO, totally unaware of this gypsy community in the mountains of Cluj – ‘BUT GOD’ knowing Winter in Romania is cold and very cold, supplied the need! To ALL back home who constantly pray, support, even ‘just think of us’ – ‘Thank You’ for extending the love of Christ in such a practical manner. There are people hurting in the world, how will they ever know if we don’t tell them or show we love them?

I had managed to keep this trip a ‘surprise visit’ from my friend Daria and so once our Romanian Mobile was activated, I called only to hear from the other end – ‘Sister Shirley, please do tell me you are in Romania’. I replied, ‘I am in the University and waiting for you’. Our reunion was blessed – the ongoing ministry of the Hospice Team whose love and devotion go beyond the ‘call of duty’. Joyful times and yes sad times during the summer months. This is life, this is where we learn to be ‘vessels of mercy’ in whatever or whichever way we can simply just ‘make a difference’.  Time stood still as we chatted and soon classes were finished, a warm ‘hug’ awaited ‘Dr. Moore’ (Daria and . . . ) so (perhaps two)! ‘Sister Shirley, before I leave, may I see you every day until you leave on Friday’? We will fit something in. Friends are part of us.

My heart is full, yet my heart is sad, I only wish I could do more, give more of myself, my time, it is a strange feeling as you leave home, if honest, you question, do I really want to go? Now I am faced with the problem, do I really want to go back home? My human side, for I know that my husband and I are needed here BUT we are needed back home. How will we know unless we go? How will you know if we cannot tell?

We will continue to raise the awareness of the arm of the Lord hovering over all we have committed into His keeping.

Yes, I am only one, yet I am one, and the things I can do I will do by the Grace of God.

Pray for Dr. Moore and I as we finish this mission trip in a few days – continue to keep in touch – we just need to know the love and support of ‘The Family of God’

It will be good to be home for a few weeks – we minister in Dromore Baptist Church this Sunday as they thank the Lord of the Harvest for His fields of plenty.

Plans are already in place to be back for longer trips during December, April, May. The SGA School will be part of the April visit and I have been invited to spend some time in Cluj during my husband’s teaching in Dej.

As I sign off I can hear a telephone conversation arranging ‘Radio Recordings’ for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

We are and always will be ‘Unto Him’ – ‘The Saviour of the World’


Tuesday, 14 October, 2014.