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‘The greater the difficulty to be overcome, the more will it be seen to the glory of God how much can be done by prayer and faith.’ (George Muller)
Was it only thirteen days ago I wrote ‘Can I Ever Love Enough?’ A blog highlighting the fears, obstacles, difficulties, trials surrounding many lives.  I shared the crucial situation of my friends ‘The Druta Family’ facing ‘Eviction’ from their home of many years.  Since writing this particular update, I have questioned my heart as to the strength of my own love?  Does my love really feel their pain; loose the cords of anxiety; grow in strength; bless and pour in the oil of joy, even in the reality of uncertainty?
The Druta Family urgently need our prayers. They are living in fear and cannot leave their home after witnessing two neighbours return from shopping to find their homes ‘SEALED’.  The strokes of their wounds are deep and very severe. Sister Druta is now very weak and frail. Monika has sent me an email informing me of her concern as the Mum is very sick.   Her heart is fearful for her two young daughters and that no other alternative is available.   Will she too join the other families?    A single father and his daughter of thirteen were evicted last week. Now the father is wandering the streets and the daughter has been taken into care by Child Protection as there is no Mum. She died of cancer four years ago, and the father did not place the child in a Christian Orphanage as he loved her so much he wanted to keep her with him.   They are without hope!
The Druta family cannot live on the streets as the oldest daughter has many medical issues.  £25 each week is all they have for accommodation, food, medication, clothes, utility bills.  Often, we become absorbed in other cares and interests but can we focus on this family, praying they will know the love and support of the family of God.  ‘The Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wounds’ Isa: 30: 26.
I ask that together you will join me in bringing this matter before the Lord.  Dark shadows are hoovering over these precious families. But we know there is One who is waiting in the darkness of night, in the shadows, and he will walk with us through every circumstance.  Our lives cannot be measured by loss or gain. We all have suffered pain in our lives; therefore we can give ‘OUR LOVE’.

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